Figaro’s All-Day Breakfast

Monday, July 16, 2012

You cannot skip breakfast anymore! From this month of July onwards, you can now have your breakfast any time of the day and enjoy the sumptuous breakfast meals whether the Filipino or American-style breakfast at Figaro Coffee Company.

Figaro’s All-Day Breakfast offerings are comes with either brewed coffee, herbal tea or lemonade. For as low as P165 – P175 you will have the proper nutrients our body needs in order to function throughout the day.
French Toast Combo |  P175
Arroz ala Cubana |  P165
Filipino Breakfast |  P175
Country Breakfast |  P175
My favorite, still the traditional Filipino Breakfast with salty egg and tomatoes, daing na bangus, tapa and tocino. Yummy!

Thank you to Figaro! For having a not-so-normal working hours like mine (working in EMEA Hours), I can still have reasons to have my breakfast the way it should be. A flavorful healthy breakfast meals that are available All-Day!
And ooops, they also have the new Ham ‘N Cheese that really goes well with Figaro’s Coffee.

Be Healthy and Happy Eating!
Happy Monday! Start the week right.


Ness said... Add Reply

I've tried this already and there are some sets in the menu that I actually didn't like. But I like most of them. Though I am not really into Figaro, I don't mind going back there because most of their branches are really nice. Not too crowded for example. :-)

Charie@easy Chinese meals said... Add Reply

What a start of the day! I'm drooling on what I've seen on your blog post. It's yummy and delicious.

Aylin! Do you a recipe for Arroz ala Cubana and French Toast Combo? I'm planning to cook but in an <a href=">easy Chinese cuisine</a> version and put it on my blog. Thanks

Angie Vianzon said... Add Reply

Breakfast of the Champion! :) I think this kind of meal will make me love waking up in the morning.

Ron@FilipinoRecipes said... Add Reply

Great breaky.! And they have a very reasonable price in fairness.

Gemma Defeo-Hilotin said... Add Reply

I miss longganisa and tapa!!! and pandesal!!!

Dennis Dolojan said... Add Reply

now i am more motivated to wake up in the morning with that kind of breakfast

Chef Jasper said... Add Reply

and I woke up to viewing pictures of hearty breakfasts. :)

Berylle said... Add Reply

a plateful of breakfast goodness yummy!! :) affordable too :)

Rizza Gatchalian said... Add Reply

Solve na ko sa egg pa lang! Yum!

pinoychocophile said... Add Reply

the french toast combo makes me want to eat breakfast for dinner hehehe...sarap...

Vonn Angelie David said... Add Reply

thanks for the share...

Adeline Yuboco said... Add Reply

The French Toast platter looks like the most appetizing. Would definitely try this when I get the chance head over to Figaro. I have to say that the Ham & Cheese looks a bit disappointing. There's hardly any ham in it.

Shirgie Scf said... Add Reply

I've tried their tuna pie and their honey dew milk tea, oh my God, I super love it..perfect combi talaga

controversialcomments said... Add Reply

There is nothing like starting the day with delicious breakfast =)

controversialcomments said... Add Reply

There is nothing like starting the day with delicious breakfast like this =)

Lipstick.chopsticks said... Add Reply

Awww..i would love to try them all but I will never go to Figaro until they ban smoking!

Leah | said... Add Reply

The French toast combo looks like a winner! We love hanging out in coffee shops as most have a very relaxing atmosphere plus great food and of course great coffee. We should probably visit Figaro again soon and try these breakfast meals. =)

Nickle love said... Add Reply

I don't frequent coffee shops because I'm not a coffee drinker. But there was I time that I hanged out in Bo's Coffee because of the fast internet. LOL.
Anyway, I always feel like coffee shop food is so expensive and the serving is small. Though sometimes it's inevitable, one way or another I'd end up buying their food. Hehehe.

That selection from Figaro looks good and more reasonable than from other coffee shops. Maybe someday I'll try their food. :D

tatess said... Add Reply

Figaro's breakfast menus are mouthwatering.I love cooking breakfast for my family and this is one meal that we always have especially when hubby is home for the the weekend.


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