An Afternoon Food Trip at Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A day after Heart’s Day, my blogger friends and I, had a post-valentines’ date which I’d rather dubbed as “An afternoon food trip at Oriang by Café de Bonifacio.” Oriang is located at the Fiesta Market, Market Market, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig – just in front of the bus and jeep terminal. After office at 3pm, it was freaking hot afternoon, I conquered the traffic jam along Ayala Avenue because I know every sweat that I’ll be having on my way going to the restaurant is worthy. Well, you can also judge if it is really worthy enough as you continue reading my post about Oriang by Café de Bonifacio. (“ ,)
Oriang by Café de Bonifacio 
From Café de Bonifacio (named after Andres Bonifacio) which has sumptuous and unique Filipino dishes, they came out with Oriang (named after Andress Bonifacio wife - Gregoria de Jesus, and since Filipinos love to pet names, Andres’s wifey was also known as Aling Oriang, thus, there is “Oriang by Café de Bonifacio”) which is also catered unique dishes from all over the Philippines and offered at much more affordable prices. So, pleasurable eating could not be costly. 

The cool, bright and vivid ambiance of Oriang by Café de Bonifacio welcomes its customer with a great smile from their staff and dainty atmosphere. Well, it’s obvious I really liked (I guess it’s loved!) the place. It is serene place that offers all-time favourite foods but with a modern vibe.
Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

Hmmm... Can you spot my favourite drink on the liquor bar counter? Ha-ha. Oriang is also good for barkadas who wanted to chillax by having a bottle or two of beer after a delightful meal. And for those who just wanted to eat like us, the place is perfect enough for your cravings. I know, as I travelled around the Philippines, I’ve been on the lookout of the special delicacies a certain place is known for – like Vigan for their Longganisang Vigan, Cavite (Tagaytay) for their hot Bulalo soup, and the likes – and Oriang has it all. They’re like a one-stop/convenience resto that would offer anything you need.

Meanwhile, here are the foods we’ve shared during our “An Afternoon Food Trip at Oriang by Café de Bonifacio."

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

I ordered this calamansi juice with a twist and since it was my first time to hear the name Calamansi Juice with Chinese Dried Plum (P75). When the waiter handed me my order, I uttered that it was like margarita because of the salt scattered on top of the glass. The taste was good and refreshing!

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

Eat-outs or family gathering wouldn’t be complete without prawns. Thus, Chili Garlic Butter Prawns (P395) is a must! However, because I came late, what’s left for me was only 1. L I love how the prawn was perfectly cooked. The prawn’s skin can be easily shredded out to its meat (which most of the time, I’m having a hard time), from there you’ll know that it was cooked well. How I wish, I came early, lessons learned (sometimes best things are not being saved for last)! *wink*

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio 
We also had the Oriang Super Fried Rice (P215). Sautéed in taba ng talangka, garlic and topped with grilled liempo strips and the well-known Vigan Longganisa that I referred as Kanin palang, Ulam na!  Well, if I’ll be on a tight budget I’ll surely order this dish, you might be poor but still you can have a richer food. The liempo was evenly cooked in an old-fashioned way, on which, you can even smell and taste that it was cooked under the heat of charcoal. The liempo really does complement the savoury taste of the Oriang Super Fried Rice. By the way, it is also good for sharing. It’s a must!

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio 
Nilagang Bulalo (P325). I couldn’t imagine that they will offer a very tender beef that would separate itself to the bones all by itself. Yeah, sounds exaggerating but it really do. Ha-ha. I highly recommend this, so whenever you are I craving for bulalo, go to Oriang!

Hep, hep, hep. We are not yet over! J We still have fish and vegetables to finish! I’m already full but looking at these yummy creations preserves my cravings. Ha-ha.

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

To balance our pig-out session, we had Crispy Hito (P265). What’s good about it is that, the fish was cooked deep fried perfectly. It was crunchy and yet the softness of the fish meat was preserved.

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

And by the way, you can also make your own sauce. So, flavourful meals could be more succulent when you add some bits of seasonings and spices.

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

Furthermore, they also offer Pinakbet with Liempo and Chicharon (P165). I love vegies and so as pinakbet but having slimy Okra in it is disappointing for me. Good thing, Oriang has the best-ever pinakbet that I had so far. The vegies were not overcooked! Must-try!

And last but not the least, desssssseeeerts! We just have to take a rest for a while and here we go again! Who can’t say NO to these yummy goodness?!

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio
 Coffee Leche Flan (P70)

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio
 Mango Roti Latik (P85)

Oriang by Café de BonifacioTuron de Gregoria (P85)

These are the mouth-watering desserts that we feasted on. Filipino desserts with a twist, creamy and appetizing! 

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio soon will be the new venue for every barkada meet-up session, family bonding and to have sweet and sumptuous eat-outs with your loved ones. Food serves are fresh and cooked at its finest; spending your hard-earned money in luscious eating is now possibly worth it!

Have a Great Day!

* * * 
Oriang by Café de Bonifacio 
Operating Hours:
Sundays to Thursday – 11:00am to 12:00nn
Fridays to Saturdays – 11:00am to 1:00am

Fiesta Market, Market Market
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Facebook: Oriang by Café de Bonifacio 
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